Meet Pitmaster, Russ Jaques

Meet Pitmaster, Russ Jaques

What led you to becoming a Pitmaster?

Bar-B-Que has long been a passion of mine and is well and truly in my DNA. Some of my fondest memories growing up are when my father and I would break out the smoker and BBQ when I was just a young boy in the 90s at our family home in Kent. Back then hardly anyone was using BBQ smokers in the UK. The thrill of the process and the amazing food my father smoked had me hooked even at this young age.

Where did you train?

My early years were spent working alongside my father, honing the essential skill of fire control crucial for managing traditional stick-burning smokers. These acquired skills served as a foundation, enabling me to further refine my cooking techniques. Throughout my life I have travelled all over the USA, I've had the fortune of meeting diverse BBQ Pitmasters, some of whom have become close friends. As I traversed the country, indulging in world-class BBQ, I absorbed not just the flavours but also valuable tips, tricks, and the rich cultural nuances of barbecue. The BBQ community stands out as a fantastic group, brimming with individuals eager to share their knowledge and wisdom on all things barbecue. Combining this collective wisdom with two decades of trial and error has shaped me into the BBQ Pitmaster I am today!

What is The Smokey Rebel Concept?

We wanted to develop the Smokey Rebel range of rubs so everyone can have the ability to sprinkle some authentic Pitmaster BBQ flavour when preparing their food to help enhance their cooks whether it be in the Smoker, BBQ or kitchen.

In the creation of each rub, we begin the process from the ground up, incorporating only premium spices and ingredients. Each rub is crafted with a bespoke label and unique characters that weave a narrative, igniting scenes of flavour. Across the United States, enthusiasts traverse great distances in search of exceptional BBQ, drawn not only by the enticing taste but also captivated by the stories shared by their favourite Pitmasters. Our rubs are meticulously designed to tantalize taste buds, ensuring a culinary experience that transcends cooking methods—with a perfect blend of depth, balance, and just the right amount of heat!

Smokey Rebel’s Mission is to bring ‘The real deal’ US style barbecue taste over the pond to the  UK starting in the garden of England, Kent. We are now also authorized Yoder pellet Smoker dealers and specialists. This means we have been able to import all the way from Kansas USA, one of the worlds Biggest & Best competition Pellet Smoker. The Yoder Cimarron! You will be able to see this Beast popping up at promotional events and private hire with our Smokey Rebel BBQ Club Experience days.

Who is Smokey Rebel?

Well, ‘Smokey’ our mascot is the embodiment and characterization of our concept and the Smokey Rebel lifestyle he represents. A swashbuckling waggish Racoon who loves BBQ & shenanigans! Who doesn’t right?!

What is your signature/favourite dish?

My Favorite BBQ is Mexique, which is a Texas & Mexican infusion. Mesquite smoked brisket rubbed in our Revolution Rub taco topped with homemade Salsa & guacamole!

What is your guilty pleasure?

Burnt ends from brisket, Pitmasters privilege also seen as the best bit and everyone’s favourite. So always feel guilty should I not save any for others!


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Miami Mojo Rub (Large Can)

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Ok Detectives, meet your new cooking partner - Miami Mojo - a zesty Cuban mojo with undercover habanero to bring the heat to the beat! Miami Mojo seasoning is filled with genuine mojo flavours. Infused with aromatic citrus notes and crafted using only the finest ingredients, this blend is sure to provide consistent flavour and aroma.

  • Perfect for pork – rub into ribs, pork shoulder, chops and loin. 
  • Dust chicken thighs, breast or wings  
  • Dust ya roast spuds or veg.  
  • Add to Cuban beans  
  • Make the best Cuban Cubano sandwich in town!   

 BBQ, grill or smoke. you don’t need a BBQ it’s amazing for any sort of kitchen cooking! 


Ingredients: Sea salt, Coconut sugar, Garlic (Sulphites), Cumin, Lime, Paprika, Black pepper, Orange peel, Oregano, Coriander, Habanero chilli.

Allergens in bold

May contain traces of Nuts, Sesame, Sulphites, Gluten and Mustard..

Size: 200g